The Ninilchik translator has suffered a failure that could not be repaired on site. We have sent it back to the manufacturer for repair.  We are hoping for a fast turnaround but the translator will probably be down until the week of April 2nd.    Thank you for your patience.  Also, Direct TV is still having technical issues with the KAKM TV signal.  We are working with them to resolve their issues as quickly as possible.

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This week we're hearing from Shaylyn Storms, though most people know her as Yosty. Storms is from Unalakleet, but she currently works in Anchorage as a regional director for ANSEP. Listen now

Even though there's still lots of snow and cold temps across much of the state, the Alaska Summer Showcase travel fair is coming to Anchorage. And the Alaska Native Heritage Center on Saturday will be chock-full of all sorts of travel deals and prizes.

A system that could power remote Alaska is being tested in an unexpected place. Typically found in Scandinavian countries, a new cleaner energy technology is now coming to Fairbanks.