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Alexandra Gutierrez, APRN - Juneau

As Spending Talks Continue, House Takes Crack At Capital Budget

After a day of stalled and canceled meetings, the Alaska Legislature made small advances on a capital budget.

Zachariah Hughes, KSKA - Anchorage

Cultivating Native Values, NYO Tournament Continues Growing

Kim Gumera of Unalaska kicking at 110". Gumera won the award for Best Overall Male Athlete. (Photo: Zachariah Hughes, KSKA)

500 athletes from across the state were joined for the first time in decades by a foreign delegation from the Yukon Territory in Canada. Organizers say the tournament continues because of more deliberate efforts to promote traditional values across Alaska.

Zachariah Hughes, KSKA - Anchorage

Bill Establishing Marijuana Control Board Poised To Become Law

In spite of the session extension in Juneau, the status of new legislation dealing with commercial marijuana for the year ahead is clear.

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Rachel Waldholz, KCAW - Sitka

Federal Government Proposes Taking Humpback Whales Off Endangered Species List

Federal Government Proposes Taking Humpback Whales Off Endangered Species List

The federal government is proposing to remove most humpback whales from the endangered species list. Forty-five years after the whales were first listed, federal scientists say that most humpback populations – including those common in Alaska – are stable and growing.

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Zachariah Hughes, KSKA - Anchorage

The Blind Spot: Spaces Between Statistics

The Blind Spot: Spaces Between Statistics

In Anchorage, the number of criminal offenses by minors referred to the Department of Juvenile Justice has dropped by nearly half in the past decade for almost every offense type – except severe drug and alcohol offenses. That number has stayed fairly steady. In fact, as a share of the whole, substance abuse cases in Anchorage are up, although as a share of the total they are proportionately small. But the numbers only tell part of the story.

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Escaping Vietnam: Dale Tran

Hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese fled Saigon at the end of the Vietnam war in the spring of 1975. They ran from the oppression of the communists. In many cases they ran to save their lives. Dale Tran’s family was among the thousands who escaped.

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Urban Gardening In Anchorage

Urban Gardening In Anchorage

Today, we’re urban gardening. The time to garden is now, and Anchorage resident Tikaan Galbreath can’t wait to dig into his soil.

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Birds Make Their Annual Invasion of Southcentral Alaska

Birds Make Their Annual Invasion of Southcentral Alaska

The birds are coming back. Shorebirds invade Southcentral Alaska on their migrations about now, and festivals are planned in Homer and Cordova where, if the timing is right, you can see clouds of birds descending on the beaches and mudflats. On today’s show, we’ll talk about the pleasure and interest of birding, and where you can do it here in Anchorage, around our region, and across Alaska.

KSKA: Thursday, April 23, at 2:00 and 9:00 p.m.

Eating local with fish

Eating local with fish

We live with the world’s best source of delicious, fresh seafood. So why isn’t fish on the table more often in Anchorage? The local food movement is coming to Alaska’s fisheries. We’ll talk about bringing the community supported agriculture model to seafood, and also the traditional route that brings fish to stores, prices, and what’s good seasonally. Join us with your questions, ideas and recipes.

KSKA: Wednesday, April 22, at 2:00 and 9:00 p.m.

I Got This!: Stories of Persistence, Insistence and Grabbing the Bull by the Horns

Every community has a place, where people gather and stories are told. The east coast has stoops, the south has porches and in Alaska we have Arctic Entries. Here, Alaskans share their personal stories – funny, sad and sweet. Originally told at the Arctic Entries monthly storytelling event in Anchorage, listen to stories related to the show’s theme.

KSKA: Tuesday, April 21, at 2:00 and 9:00 p.m.

Land Into Trust And The Future Of Tribal Sovereignty In Alaska

Alaska tribes can now ask the Interior Secretary to take land into trust, a legal designation called Indian Country. What would this mean for the future of tribal sovereignty? How would Indian Country status affect Alaska Native Corporations and the relationship between tribes and the state?

APRN: Tuesday, 4/21 at 10:00am

Ionizing Radiation as a Cancer Treatment

Larry Daugherty, M.D.

The prognosis for many cancers has improved due to many factors including a better understanding of the cancer, earlier detection, and better treatment often with fewer side effects. Ionizing radiation for certain cancers is one of these improved treatments. Today with the help of Dr. Larry Daugherty, radiation oncologist at the Alaska Cancer Treatment Center, we will examine how radiotherapy aids the treatment of cancer; and we will learn about the nonprofit organization Radiating Hope which is working to improve cancer care globally.

KSKA: Monday, April 20, at 2:00 and 9:00 p.m.

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Chinook Salmon Bycatch; And HB132

Chinook Salmon Bycatch; And HB132

This week on Alaska Edition: The North Pacific Fisheries Management Council takes action on Chinook salmon bycatch in Alaska’s pollock fishery. How could the veto of HB132 affect the Mat-Su Valley? Where does Medicaid expansion stand in the legislature?

KSKA: Friday, 4/17 at 2:00pm and Saturday, 4/18 at 6:00pm
KAKM: Friday, 4/17 at 7:30pm and Saturday, 4/18 at 4:30pm

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Alaska News Nightly: April 20, 2015

The Blind Spot: Spaces Between Statistics; Lawmakers Still Searching For Budgetary Consensus; Bill Establishing Marijuana Control Board Poised To Become Law; Federal Government Proposes Taking Humpback Whales Off Endangered Species List; Migrating Birds May Carry Viral Baggage; Long-Term Weather Models Point Toward A Warm Summer; Homer Road Sloughs After Rain; Erin’s Law Stuck In Senate Education Committee; Cama-i Celebrates Tradition For All Generations

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