APRN reporters in action

APRN’s reporters have been busy lately and they’ve been caught on film around the web doing what they do best.

2960339-400-x-297.jpgDavid Shurtleff
David was covering the Tom Anderson corruption trial and chased Anderson and his lawyer out of the federal courthouse in Anchorage last week, getting reactions. In the process, he was caught in a photo by Anchorage Daily News photographer Erik Hill. You can see the picture, buy the picture and read the full ADN article here.

steveheimel.jpgSteve Heimel
Steve was also covering the Tom Anderson trial in Anchorage and a local trial watcher / blogger (also named Steve) snapped a photo of our Mr. Heimel relaying info back to the APRN newsroom via cell phone. The full blog posting is here.

southern.jpgJoel Southern
We don’t get to see Joel much — he’s way down in Washington, D.C. covering Congress for APRN. But recently he got his photo snapped as he was giving a tour of the U.S. Capitol to some friends. This one was posted at the very active and popular blog Alaskan Abroad.