Water projects funding may be drained by Bush veto

A long-delayed authorization for federally-funded water projects around the country is on the verge of clearing Congress — but the Bush Administration is threatening a presidential veto. The Water Resources Development Act of 2007 is chock-full of port, harbor, flood control and other projects. Congressman Don Young was not selected to be on the slate of House and Senate negotiators that came up with the compromise legislation — but he’s pleased with the two dozen Alaska projects and studies he ended up with.The package includes navigation projects or studies for Haines, Sitka, Seward, Tatilek, King Cove, the Kuskokwim River and other places. It also authorizes harbor improvements in various coastal communities and erosion prevention projects for Barrow and Nelson Lagoon. The bill also includes a long-time pet project of Don Young’s — a study on the feasibility of building a hydropower dam on the Susitna River.

Joel Southern, APRN – Washington, D.C.