Quick survey for APRN web visitors

We have a question for those of you using APRN’s online news on a regular basis.

As you’ve probably noticed, we post two primary news content collections: the complete 30-minute Alaska News Nightly (ANN), as aired on APRN stations each weeknight. Then we take that 30-minute show and chop it up into the individual stories. That way, web visitors can opt to listen to the whole show (including music buttons, underwriting, etc.) or just listen to stories they’re interested in hearing.

This also makes for two separate podcast feeds — one that delivers one complete audio file per weekday, and another that delivers anywhere from 6 to 12 individual audio files per weekday.

For several reasons, we’re considering dropping the complete show and just posting the individual stories. But we wanted to check with our avid web users first. If you could only have one thing — either the complete show or a collection of individual stories — which would you rather have? Which makes more sense on the web? Which makes more sense as a podcast?

If this were another program, like AK or This American Life or Fair Game, it wouldn’t make sense to break it up — those shows are fairly cohesive in design. But ANN is just a collection of news stories that bubbled to the top of the list that day.

So what do you think?

We recommend you leave your comments below (requires site registration). If you prefer not to register with the site, just use our Contact Us form to share your thoughts.

Thank you!