KSKA's streaming service doubled

KSKA’s low power signal is still in effect as our HD Radio upgrades continue. So if your radio gets marginal reception when we’re at full power, you’re probably out of luck right now. We expect power to go back up to 100,000 watts by the end of the month.

An alternative? You can listen to KSKA’s signal via the Internet.

Historically, this has been a pretty constrained service that frustrated lots of listeners. A year ago we had only 25 streams available and were almost always busy. Until today, we had just 50 streams, and again we were fully subscribed during the day. As of this afternoon we’ve boosted our streaming service to 100 streams.

So if you’ve given up trying to use our streaming service in the past, we encourage you — especially if you’re having trouble listening to KSKA over the air — to try it again. You can learn more on our Listen Now page.

And let us know your thoughts about our KSKA stream by commenting below. Or feel free to contact us.