It’s that time of year again — time for the Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD). And in its honor, we give a little TLC to the PFD. We’ll find out how the whole thing works and dish about PFD fraud — plus we’ll hear about Preserving Fundamental Dialects, get a lesson in Pickling For Dummies and learn to make Personal Flotation Devices… out of seal guts. All that and more, ASAP, on AK, from APRN stations statewide, starting today.

Purchases, Finances & Deals
How are you spending your Permanent Fund Dividend check this year? AK’s Scott Burton takes an informal survey.

PFD 101
Ever wonder how the whole PFD thing works? Scott Burton visits the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation and Permanent Fund Division, and with the help of Mike Burns and Jim Freece, takes us through the Whos, Whats, Whens, Wheres and Whys of the PFD.

Preventing Fraud (& Detecting it, too)
AK host Rebecca Sheir talks with Shawn Damerval, a criminal investigator with the PFD Fraud Investigation Section, about PFD fraud: how to prevent it, and how to prosecute this federal offense.

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Perma-Frost Dinosaurs
Paleontologist Tom Rich lives in Australia, but was recently in Alaska, where he helped dinosaur hunters zero in on their quarry on the North Slope: the Polar Dinosaur. APRN’s Steve Heimel brings us his story.

Preserving Fundamental Dialects
It’s estimated that only 200 Alaska natives speak Tlingit fluently. In ten years, 99% of them will likely have passed away. So elders are anxious to pass on the language and culture of their ancestors. Ann Kaiser visits the village of Klukwan, where Tlingit language class, led by teachers Joe and Marsha Hotch, is mandatory.

Profound Faiths & Dogmas
Anchorage-based AK contributor David Waldron has noticed an increasing diversity of cultures, political views and, yes, religions, in his town. He brings us this story on Baha’i Faith, a worldwide religion that’s found its way to the Great Land.

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Permanent “Free” Dividend?
From having babies before New Years Eve to moving to Alaska just before the first of the year, people might make certain life decisions to be eligible for the PFD. This frustrates some long-time Alaskans, like Jenny Findlay.

Pacifying Fund Doubters
Some people outside Alaska see the PFD as a way to pay Alaskans simply for living and breathing. Len Anderson reports on AFN head Julie Kitka’s plan to counter PFD stigma.

300 Villages
Point Baker and Brevig Mission

Prior Financial Decisions
Scott Burton asks people about the most unusual thing they’ve bought with their PFD.

Personal Flotation Devices
These days, PFDs tend to be made of nylon, neoprene and foam. But Dillingham’s Anne Hilman sat around the campfire with Togiak elder Pete Abraham, who recalls some PFDs made of something else altogether: seal guts.

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Pickling For Dummies
Theresa Bakker is one of those Alaskans who’s busy putting up food for the winter. Not too long ago, she hosted some informal lessons at her home: “Pickling For Dummies.”

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