Something Different: March 2, 2008

Here’s the music playlist from the March 2, 2008 edition of Something Different with Betsy.

All tracks played are listed below in the following format:

  • Song Title
  • Album Title
  • Artist Name

New Blues
Blues and Lamentations
Kate Campbell

Ye Lovers All
Bohola: Jimmy Keane and Pat Broaders

One More Kiss
Blue House
Blue House

The Good Stuff
Fall Down as the Rain
Joel Crookston

Nuru Kane

Mountains of Things
The Duhks

Hymns of the 49th Parallel
k.d. lang

Ten Thousand Miles to Bedlam
Ten Thousand Miles to Bedlam
Ockham’s Razor

Folk and Roll: Live in Austin
Wishing Chair

Small Victory
Small Victories
Garnet Rogers

Eye on the Road
Songs of the Open Road
The Kennedys

Ea Mai Ka Honu
With Aloha
Bill Keale

The Uncloudy Day
Death and Taxes
The Jolly Bankers

Rollin’ Home
North Wind
Aengus Finnan

The Marksman/Big Ol’ Prairie Moon
Small Potatoes Alive!
Small Potatoes

Putumayo Presents: South Pacific Islands

Daylight Savings
We’re About 9

Listening to Levon
Join the Parade
Marc Cohn

Ifran Frammande Land
Ditt Ditt Darium

Cotton from the Clay
‘Round my Door
Dana and Susan Robinson

Sad Among Strangers
Baka Live
Baka Beyond and Baka Gbine

Riding in a Lincoln Continental with Sylvia Plath
A Long Day for the Weathervane
The Gougers

Oeil au Beurre Noir
Let ’em Run
The Bills

Fly Not Yet
Fly Not Yet
Elizabeth Nicholson and Stringed Migration

Doin’ Without Me
These Dreams of Mine
Bill Coffey and Ned Evett

Give Up the Ghost

Red Haired Raga
Hungry Ghosts
Doug Cox and Sam Hurrie