We're live Twittering the Iditarod victory; Mackey past Safety checkpoint

Join us on Twitter for live coverage right up to the end of the race! And be sure to see our special Iditarod coverage web site. What’s happening?

Lance Mackey has already passed the Safety checkpoint. So far, Jeff King has not poured on enough speed to make up the 1-hour difference in their starts from White Mountain. So it looks like Mackey’s race to lose at this point.

You can see a spreadsheet we’re updating as we countdown to someone’s victory.

If Mackey does indeed win this race, he will set yet another dog sledding record, with this unprecedented winning streak:

  • Iditarod 2008
  • Yukon Quest 2008
  • Iditarod 2007
  • Yukon Quest 2007