AK: Transplants

This week on AK we look at transplants, from donating organs to relocating to Alaska. We chat with up-and-coming leaders — of the homegrown variety — and hear the sounds of calypso, transplanted from the Caribbean to the Last Frontier. Plus, saving the rhubarb, and a local, lyrical tribute to National Poetry Month. All that and more this week on AK, heard statewide on local APRN stations statewide.

Organ Transplants
April is National Donate Life Month. AK host Rebecca Sheir takes a look at organ transplants in the state of Alaska, where 180 people are awaiting donors. We hear from Bruce Zalneraitis of Life Alaska Donor Services, along with veteran kidney specialist Dr. Tom Wood, and Sherry Badillo Moreno, a Wasilla woman whose daughter, Sharday, died in a car accident in 2003; her tissue and organs helped 48 people get a new chance at life.

Uncle Dave
Aaron Weeks’ Uncle Dave passed away just before Christmas. But the memory and legacy of this amiable transplant recipient live on.

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Save The Rhubarb
“Germplasm” is what you need to regenerate a plant: stems, pollen or seeds. The USDA’s National Plant Germplasm System collects and preserves germplasm, and UAF’s Subarctic Agricultural Research Unit is one of a handful of stations around the nation involved in the effort. Their goal? To ensure that Alaska’s common flora — like rhubarb– are preserved for research into the subarctic farming of the future. AK’s Ellen Lockyer has the story.

  • Break: “Strawberry Fields Forever” performed by Les Fradkin from While My Guitar Only Plays

Transplanting in the Name of Service

Each year, the Jesuit Volunteer Corps brings volunteers, known as “JVs,” to social service agencies in Anchorage, Bethel, Sitka and Juneau. They’re often from outside, but many of these transplants make the move permanent. AK’s Scott Burton speaks with current JV Shannon Bell, as well as alumni Genie and Katie Jordan.

Homegrown Leaders
Since the 1970s, many Alaskan businesses and organizations have transplanted people from Outside to get business and industry up and running in the state. But as aging Baby Boomers consider retirement, there’s a movement to replace them with young Alaskan professionals. Shana Sheehy speaks with Nils Andreassen of the Institute of the North and the Anchorage Knowledge Industry Network, as well as Liz Posey of the Anchorage Urban League’s Young Professionals, and RISE Alaska’s Sarah Barton.

300 Villages

Cold Foot

Poetry Out Loud: Part One
Since 1996, April’s been designated National Poetry Month. Throughout the month, we’ll hear selections from the statewide finals of the “Poetry Out Loud” recitation contest for high school students. Here, Ketchikan High School’s Crystal Alba recites Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise.”

  • Break: “Poetry In Motion (Karaoke-Version)” from Karaoke Pop: I’ll Never Get Over You

Poetry Out Loud: Part Two
More selections from the statewide “Poetry Out Loud” recitation contest: Lathrop High School’s Tommy Hoppough recites “Black Boys Play the Classics” by Toi Derricotte and Kodiak High School’s Laura Ranney recites “Ovation” by Carol Muske-Dukes.

  • Calendar of Events (“Rhyme & Reason” performed by Pickin’ On Series from Breathe – The Bluegrass Tribute to the Dave Matthews Band)

Second Chance Prom and Literary Cotillion
AK host Rebecca Sheir speaks with UAA Creative Writing and Literary Arts associate professor Sherry Simpson about an upcoming benefit for the CWLA department. Host interview.

Transplanting the Tropics
Colony Calypso is a steel drum group comprised of students and adults from Palmer. AK’s Ellen Lockyer sits in on a rehearsal at Colony Middle School, to hear how their exotic sound transplants a bit of tropic warmth to the North.

  • Closing: “Jamaica Farewell” performed by Ivan Boogaloo Jones from Sweetback