AK: Where We Live

This week we take a look at Where We Live and explore ways to show it off. From a new TV show that shows the world just how tough Alaskans really are to niche markets for tourism — a dog sled ride en espanol, anyone? Plus, designing greener buildings in Juneau and training the next generation of wilderness guides in Arctic Village. All that and more this week on AK, heard statewide on local APRN stations statewide.

Lending out Trust
The local library can speak volumes about the community in which it’s located. In Coffman Cove, on Price of Wales Island, the library’s lending policy represents just how tight-knit the village of 200 people really is. CoastAlaska’s Ed Schoenfeld stopped in.

Where the Caribou Are
In about a month, caribou calves will start to appear on the Arctic Coastal Plain, where they live in the summer. On a recent hunting trip with her friend Jeremy Carlson, Emily Schwing found the Central Arctic herd traveling northward along the Dalton highway. Biologist Steve Arthur helped her understand how they live.

Listen to the Elders: Art Theodore
Every so often in upcoming weeks, we’ll be hearing about life in Alaska from the perspective of native elders, in a series produced by Phillip Blanchett for Koahnic Broadcast Corporation. We’ll start with Athabascan Arthur Theodore, talking about his home.

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Arctic Village Guides
Tourists heading to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge often make a pit stop in Arctic Village. Not many venture off the airstrip, and few community members profit from the visitors passing through. But a new program from The Origin Institute is trying to change that. Led by teachers like Becky Hansen, it trains local teens to be back-country guides. Libby Casey has the story.

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Bienvenidos a Alaska
Anchorage-based entrepreneur Arturo Herrera is using his Alaskan expertise, and language skills, to lure Spanish-speaking “turistas” to the Great Land. AK’s Ellen Lockyer has more.

300 Villages

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AEA: Coming Soon to a Community Near You…
Beginning April 28th, the Alaska Energy Authority will hold a series of Town Hall meetings across the state. AK host Rebecca Sheir speaks with AEA Executive Director, and State of Alaska Energy Coordinator, Steven Haagenson about the 25-community tour.

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Aurora Square
Alaska — and Anchorage, especially — isn’t exactly known for great architecture. Particularly when it comes to housing developments that sell in the middle of the price range. But a new project going up on the east side of the city may help change that. It’s called Aurora Square, and it’s the brainchild of architect Ron Bateman. APRN’s Annie Feidt paid a visit.

Green Building
To combat rising energy costs, many people are turning to more energy-efficient structures, like the building that AK’s Scott Burton visited not too long ago. Designed by architect Paul Volkers, it may very well represent the future of construction.

Listen to the Elders: Peter John
Today, the notion of a permanent home with solid walls and a sturdy roof is pretty essential for most of us. But that hasn’t always been the case. Elder Peter John recalls quite a different lifestyle from his youth.

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Tougher in Alaska
Starting May 8th, the world will find out even more about Where We Live, as the History Channel premieres a new show: “Tougher in Alaska.” The reality series is hosted by well-known radio commentator and columnist Geo Beach, who actually steps up to the plate and participates in some of the gritty jobs that make Alaska synonymous with endurance. He recently spoke with AK’s Ellen Lockyer.

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