AK: Remembering and Forgetting

This week on AK, we Remember and we Forget. We’ll sample some Alaskan foods said to boost your memory power, and explore the world of Alzheimer’s. We’ll remember a well-loved boat in Petersburg, and visit one man’s personal collection of Elvis memorabilia. Plus, why the Forget-Me-Not won’t let you forget it.

All that and more this week on AK, heard statewide on local APRN stations statewide.

Alaska’s official state flower is tenacious. The little blue flowers are well-loved by people like the Pioneers of Alaska, author Jackie Pels and songwriter D.A. Noonan, but not quite so loved by gardeners like Jill Shepherd. AK Host Rebecca Sheir has more.

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The Charles W.
This old wooden fishing boat played a big role in Petersburg’s shrimp fishery, and in the life of the family who fished her. But when restoration funds couldn’t be raised, she had to be scuttled this spring. Matt Lichtenstein spoke with Barb Grenier — whose husband, Bill, captained the boat – along with friends Kurt and Sheri Wohlheuter, and Friends of the Charles W’s Jeanie Norheim, and brings us this remembrance.

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Living with Alzheimer’s
Alzheimer’s disease causes devastating memory loss and is eventually fatal. But families like Ralph and Zee Junker, and caregivers like Alzheimer’s educator Kitty McGuire, told KCAW’s Melissa Marconi-Wentzel that there’s an upside: you learn to take each day as it comes, and value every moment.

Memory Foods
Research into what makes human memory tick is pretty intense these days. Scientists say that what we eat could have a huge effect on our brain health, and as AK’s Ellen Lockyer learned after speaking with Doris “Ningy” Andersen, “Capt.” Bob Palwoski and Dr. Maureen McKenzie, Alaska is the natural home to two of the planet’s top-rated brain foods: blueberries and fish.

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300 Villages
Anchor Point

Time Capsule: 1993
Students at Anchorage’s Susitna Elementary School recently dug up a 1993 time capsule to find a gooey Hershey bar, troll dolls, and other favorites from 15 years ago. Then they buried a time capsule of their own. AK Host Rebecca Sheir was there.

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Putting up Fish on the Kenai
Hazel Felton painstakingly documented her family’s method of canning Kenai river salmon in a how-to book full of photos and illustrations. Interview with AK’s Jessica Cochran.

One Man’s Elvis Museum
Juneau resident Joel Orelove has a personal collection of Elvis memorabilia worthy of a museum. He told AK’s Scott Burton that he only collects items that have personal or social significance, and that help explain the social history of the time.

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Winter Bear
Athabascan elder Sidney Huntington is 93, and has a hard time hearing and getting around. But his stories won’t be forgotten; they take shape on stage in a new play by Anne Hanley. The Winter Bear is based loosely on Huntington’s life, and students at Fairbanks Effie Kokrine School, along with professional actor Frank Yaska, premiered the play this week. KUAC’s Libby Casey has the story.

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