AK: Gigs

This week we take a look at folks who do some interesting things for a living. We talk to a spinner who works with merino wool, follow some fellows down a mine shaft and talk to a woman who explains in a new children’s book why some mommies wear combat boots. Plus we check out an Alaska Native shareholders’ meeting in Angoon.

All that and more this week on AK, heard statewide on local APRN stations statewide.

Guest Host: Scott Burton

Construction 101
The Anchorage School District’s Construction Academy trains high school students in construction skills — and now, connects them with employers. KSKA’s Len Anderson visited recent graduates Justin Rhoades, who now works for Josh Sandstrum at Willowridge Construction and Laird Newgent at Alaska Premier Closet to see how it’s going.

Spinning 101
Alaska’s blanket weavers get their yarn from one woman: Elana Malford. She spins wool by hand, on her thigh. Ann Kaiser.

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Return to Unalaska
World War II veteran Lloyd Adams returned to Unalaska recently to show his wife (the girl he wrote letters home to) where he spent two years. KIAL’s Anne Hillman.

When Mom Deploys
Alaskan Sharon McBride was a single mom in the Army for 3 years; she wrote a book to help her daughter deal with her deployment. “My Mommy Wears Combat Boots” was published this spring. She spoke with AK’s Jessica Cochran.

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Annual Meeting in Angoon
When Alaska Native Corporations hold their annual meetings, they often don’t look much like big city meetings. This year’s Kootznoowoo meeting in Angoon was the hottest gig in town. KTOO’s Weld Royal.

300 Villages
Clark’s Point
Excursion Inlet

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Scott Burton followed miner Jerry Harmon for a day at Kensington Gold Mine to see what it’s like working in one of Alaska’s more controversial industries.

Fight the Fight
Alaska Teen Media Institute’s Tiana Johnson spoke to her brother and his friend — two champions in the Alaska Fighting Championship’s mixed martial arts fighting events.

RedHead Express
Palmer’s Redhead Express recently landed a major career boosting gig in the music Mecca of Branson Missouri. AK’s Ellen Lockyer spoke with them before they left.

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