Something Different: July 20, 2008

Here’s the music playlist from the July 20, 2008 edition of Something Diff

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erent with Betsy.

All tracks played are listed below in the following format:

  • Song Title
  • Album Title
  • Artist Name

Cover Their Eyes
Cover Their Eyes
Krista Detor

Wash My Eyes
One More Goodnight Kiss
Greg Brown

Won’t Let You Go
Sam and Ruby
Sam and Ruby

Madame Geneva’s
Kill To Get Crimson
Mark Knopfler

Flyfisher’s Dream
January Thaw
BJ MacLean

Tiger Mountain Peasant Song
Fleet Foxes
Fleet Foxes

Adjo Farval
Ifran Frammande Land
Ditt Ditt Darium

Don’t Swim, Float
In Good We Trust
Harry Manx and Kevin Breit

Rare Bird
Beautiful World
Eliza Gilkyson

Rescue You
The Arrival
Neville K.

Toku Matua
Te Vaka

The Old Man
Awkward Annie
Kate Rusby

Dare of an Angel
Island Night: Live from Port Aransas
Shake Russell and Dana Cooper

The Sky
Banjo Man: A Tribute to Derroll Adams
Allan Taylor

Follow the Heron
Three Ravens

Chris O’Brien

‘Til It’s Gone
Home to You
Po’ Girl

Cyril’s Slack Key
Treasures of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar
Sterling Seaton

All the Pretty Little Horses
Caroline Herring

Happy Man

Habib Koite and Bamada

She’s Got a Way with Men
Red Blues
Mary Coughlan

Phantom Phone Call
Tim O’Brien

Who Will Take My Place?
The Duhks

Better Days
Last Days at the Lodge
Amos Lee

Joyful Sign
Somewhere Different Now

John Henry
A Long Day for the Weathervane
The Gougers

Plea for a Good Night’s Rest
Born into the Whisper: Waterbug Anthology Eight
Devon Sproule

Freddy the Falcon
Able Baker Charlie and Dog
Joe Crookston

Jenny’s Eyes
Songs for Laura
Libby Kirkpatrick

Passion: Music for the Last Temptation of Christ
Peter Gabriel