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Palin VP coverage blitz begins

By | August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin - Photo by Jeff MedkeffJoin KSKA Public Radio, KAKM Public Television and the Alaska Public Radio Network for complete coverage of the Sarah Palin VP story starting today and running through next week’s Republican National Convention. Here’s what we’ve got on tap:

(Photo by Jeff Medkeff. Click the image for a larger version at Flickr)


  • KSKA (FM 91.1) — 3:30pm broadcast of Palin intro and acceptance of John McCain’s VP nod from earlier today in Dayton, Ohio
  • Listen to the introduction and speech again on-demand at, and
  • KSKA.ORG / KAKM.ORG — 4:00pm listen to and/or download Anchorage Edition, featuring local reaction and analysis of the Palin VP pick
  • KSKA (FM 91.1) — 4:00pm coverage from NPR as part of All Things Considered
  • KSKA (FM 91.1) — 6:00pm complete statewide coverage from APRN as part of Alaska News Nightly
  • APRN.ORG — 6:00pm listen to and/or download Alaska News Nightly’s coverage online
  • APRN.ORG / AKRADIO.ORG — 7:00pm listen to and/or download a special episode of AK focused on Sarah Palin (originally broadcast in February 2008, now updated)
  • KAKM (Channel 7) — 6:00pm coverage from PBS as part of the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer
  • KSKA (FM 91.1) — 7:30pm listen to reaction from local political observers during Anchorage Edition
  • KAKM (Channel 7) — 8:00pm tune in to Digital TV channel 7.3 (or GCI cable channel 15) for 360 North’s broadcast of historic Sarah Palin events
  • KAKM (Channel 7) — 9:00pm see the TV broadcast of Anchorage Edition, featuring local analysis of the Palin announcement


  • KSKA (FM 91.1) — More news throughout the day from NPR
  • KSKA (FM 91.1) — 10:00am broadcast of an updated version of AK‘s Sarah Palin episode, originally broadcast in February 2008
  • KAKM (Channel 7) — 5:00pm rebroadcast of Anchorage Edition


  • KSKA (FM 91.1) — Republican National Convention coverage each evening, some live, some tape-delayed and all from NPR in St. Paul, Minnesota (times will vary, tune in for details)
  • KAKM (Channel 7) — 7:00pm to 10:00pm tune in for coverage of the Republican National Convention from the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer


  • KSKA (FM 91.1) — 10:00am tune in and call in during a special Talk of Alaska (from APRN) focused on Sarah Palin and her ascendancy to the VP spot on the Republican ticket
  • APRN.ORG — 11:30am listen to and/or download Talk of Alaska
  • KSKA (FM 91.1) — 11:00am listen to the rebroadcast of the special Sarah Palin edition of AK (also available for download at and

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