Something Different: August 31, 2008

Here’s the music playlist from the August 31, 2008 edition of Something Different with Betsy.

All tracks played are listed below in the following format:

  • Song Title
  • Album Title
  • Artist Name

Songs for Laura, Various Artists, Vol. 1
Anais Mitchell

The Streams of Lovely Nancy
Awkward Annie
Kate Rusby

When My Work Is Done
Stephen Fearing

Perihelic Opposition of Mars
Love, Hope and Transportation
The Malvinas

What Work Is
Tom Russell

Them Ol’ Black Gnats
Bound to Go: Andrew Calhoun and Campground
Big Llou Johnson

The Black Fly Song
Just Play One More Tune
Bill Staines

Dreams Dissolve
Church Bell Blues
Catherine Maclellan

Three Good Reasons
Sons of the Never Wrong

Te Hiva
Te Vaka

Let Me Die in Your Arms
Bad Nights/Better Days
Anthony da Costa and Abbie Gardner

When the Rain Comes Down
Visby, Texas
Annika Fehling and Dana Cooper

Go On and Pass Me By
Home to You
Po’ Girl

Down the Broom, etc.
The Fuschia Band
The Fuschia Band

Brick and Mortar
Kate Power and Steve Einhorn

God’s Kingdom
Get On Board
Eric Bibb

Freon Blue
The Right to Be Here
Copper Wimmin

Double-headed Eagle
Family Tree
Darrell Scott

Let Isabelle Out
Simone Olding and Craig Dawson

Ghost Coat
Shining Darkness
The Crooked Jades

Rancher’s Lullabye
Hearts and Hammers
Neal and Leandra

Coyote’s Call
Small Cafe
Connie Kaldor

Blue Coyote
I Know Stories
Bread and Bones

The Soundtrack from the Werner Herzog film Grizzly Man
Don Edwards

The Power of Song
The Power of Song

So It Goes
Holding Up the World
Tim Grimm

Ua Nani Niihau

Wildewood Spring
Beautiful World
Eliza Gilkyson

Don’t Go Away
After This Storm Passes