AK: Here and There

This week on AK, join us as we travel Here and There. Take a trip down the Alsek River in the remote wilderness north of Glacier Bay and remember Saint Paul Island as the fur industry was ending. Plus, find out how two southwest Alaska Native villages were founded — it was all about schools — and stop in at the Alaska Federation of Natives Convention in Anchorage.

All that and more this week on AK, heard statewide on local APRN stations statewide.

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Host: Jessica Cochran

Native Veterans
AK’s Ellen Lockyer, Story
Alaska’s Native veterans were honored at this year’s Alaska Federation of Natives convention. One goal of people like Jerry Beale of the state’s veterans administration and Moe Bailey of Veterans Aviation Outreach is to help veterans living in remote areas get access to the services they’re entitled to.

300 Villages
False Pass

Pribilof Pull-out, Part 1
APRN’s Annie Feidt
When the federal government pulled out of the Pribilofs in 1983, one unintended consequence was that the federal government never renamed Mt. McKinley “Denali”. Larry Merculieff explains.

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Pribilof Pull-out, Part 2
APRN’s Annie Feidt
Larry Merculieff describes the parade held the day the federal government left the Pribilofs; he says the Aleuts there showed their spirit that day — the spirit that helped they re-group and survive when the only industry they’d known for 200 years was suddenly gone.

AFN – Energy Woes
AK’s Ellen Lockyer, Story
The energy crisis in rural Alaska is mounting; this year at AFN, native leaders like Bethel area representative Mary Kapsner are trying to come up with some solutions.

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Founding Schools, Founding Villages
AK contributor Johanna Eurich, Story
Two Southwest Alaska native villages were founded when white peolpe moved there, and started schools. Johanna Eurich speaks with Rolly Moody of Aleknagik and Diane Carpenter about Stony River.

  • Break: “The River Takes His Turn” by Rick Redington from Sweet Life

Floating the Alsek
KTOO’s John Ryan, Story
Two rafting parties ran into trouble this past summer on the Alsek: two people drowned, and another groups campsite was swamped by a calving glacier. John Ryan takes listeners along on his group’s trip down the river — from preparation to scouting out passage through ice-choked channels.

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Skater Kids
KFSK’s Matt Lichtenstein, Story
Skateboarders in Petersburg testified before the city council and got some proposed restrictions eased a bit: they may also have shown the city council that the local skate park needs to be improved.

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Dangerous Conversations
Julia O’Malley, commentary
Since Sarah Palin was nominated for the vice-presidency, conversations with strangers can be like dodging minefields.

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