Weyhrauch appeal rejected, corruption case boomerangs to Anchorage federal court

Former state Representative Bruce Weyhrauch lost a decision in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals today.

The Juneau Republican had been accused of soliciting a job from VECO in exchange for following the oil services company’s lead on pending legislative action on oil industry taxes. He had originally been scheduled for trial in September 2007, but the Federal District Court in Anchorage ruled evidence relating to state ethics violations could not be used in the trial.

Responding to an appeal by the government, the Ninth Circuit ruled federal law, “governs every public official and that the government does not need to prove an independent violation of state law.” The appeals ruled the trial court would determine whether the evidence is relevant to the federal charges.

If there is no further appellate action, the case will return to the Federal District Court in Anchorage.

Dave Donaldson, APRN – Juneau

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