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Care to join KSKA for a Tweetup?

By | December 8, 2008

While we can’t claim to be on the cutting edge of technology or social media here at KSKA, we do try to keep up. Which is why we use Twitter. At least a little.

What’s Twitter? Well, it’s one of the fastest-growing — and simplest — social media platforms out there today. KSKA currently pushes out web updates to its own Twitter account (@kska), but there are so many other people and groups out there — including NPR programs like Talk of the Nation. There are literally millions of users all posting short updates from their computers and phones worldwide.

But Twitter is missing one thing: meeting people in person! And KSKA would like to help.

We’re planning a “Tweetup” (a “meetup” for Twitter users) and you’re invited! You don’t even have to be a Twitter user — learn more about Twitter and even sign up for a free account at the event.

But before we set a date and a time and make the invitation formal, we’d like to ask for your input: What would you like to see or do at a KSKA-hosted Tweetup?

To find out, we’ve put together a quick online survey. If you’re even just a little interested in attending, please take the survey [UPDATE 12/12: Survey now closed] and let us know your preferences. Here’s what we want to do…

  • host the event at KSKA in Anchorage; provide the space and time for Alaska’s “Twitterati” to meet in a casual atmosphere
  • offer facility tours to anyone interested (see KSKA-FM and KAKM-TV)
  • provide refreshments
  • provide free WiFi and access to laptops for live tweets and blogging
  • encourage folks to take pictures, shoot video, etc.

Beyond that list, we’re looking for your input — what did we leave out? When should we meet? Please: take our survey. And we hope to see you here!

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