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KSKA Tweetup: A great success

By | January 9, 2009

The view from Tok, via SkypeThanks to everyone that came out to the KSKA Tweetup Thursday night at KSKA / KAKM / APRN!

What a great group of people — we were proud to spend time meeting the people behind the avatars on Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere. And we had an amazing response. I don’t have an official count, but it was at least 40 people, maybe even 50. Perhaps it was the “warm” weather that brought everyone out? ;-)

I just spent probably 3 hours going over all the tweets and photos from the assembled group that I missed while hosting and giving tours and just chatting with as many people as possible. There’s some great stuff out there. It almost looks more fun online than in the real world… but I know better!

By way of numbers, I’ve found about 250 tweets from or about the event. Wow! And there are already 25+ photos online, with more to come, I’m sure. See? Lotsa fun. Toward the bottom of this post I’ve collected links to all the Twitter folks that I know attended as well as links to all the photos I can find.

What’s Next? We need your thoughts on that…

This first Tweetup was an experiment. And it felt like a success. But the natural question is: What do we do next? Do we meet again? Would we have a more structured or focused experience next time?  A smaller group?

I don’t have answers, but I’d like to hear suggestions. @myalaska had some thoughts that sounded good. But what do you think?

Post your comments here, drop us a note via e-mail at, or blog your thoughts and send us a link.

In the mean time, thanks again to everyone that came out. We were humbled by the turnout and amazed by the diversity and talent assembled in the room.

Special thanks to Cindy Stophlet, our special events guru. She deserves 100% of the credit for arranging the food and making everyone feel welcome.

Photo Links

Please drop a comment on this post if you know of more photo links from the Tweetup. Photos are in no particular order.

If you post your photos to Flickr, please add them to our KSKA Tweetup group here…

Known Attendees with Twitter Accounts

Please drop a comment on this post if you know of others that attended but aren’t listed here. Also, keep in mind that not everyone attending had a Twitter account!


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