Something Different: July 5, 2009

Here’s the music playlist from the July 5, 2009 edition of Something Different with Betsy. All tracks played are listed below in the following format:

  • Song Title
  • Album Title
  • Artist Name

The Star Spangled Banner
Red, White and Blues: An American Music Celebration
Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles

To Meet You
Second Avenue
Lisa Moscatiello

I Heard Your Voice in Dresden
Elvis Perkins in Dearland
Elvis Perkins in Dearland

All of a Row
When the Fish They Fly

The Gasman Cometh

The Maiden Stood
Till the Light of Day

In the Sky
Kill to Get Crimson
Mark Knopfler

Gather the Family
The Wind and the Crickets
Mustard’s Retreat

Jah Love
Prague Sessions
Mr. Crow and Mr. Reed

Reva Thereafter
Joyful Sign

I Heard the Angels Singing
Painting Signs
Eric Bibb

Something Gold
Water in the Ground
Catherine Maclellan

The Return
Kreg Viesselman
Kreg Viesselman

B-Sides and Confessions Vol. One
Jeff Black

The Unquiet Grave
Fly Not Yet
Elizabeth Nicholson and Stringed Migration

Silver Dollar On My Head
Pentatonic Wars and Love Songs
Otis Taylor

A Life of No Tomorrow
Think of This River
Anne and Pete Sibley

Technicolor Halo
Adam Sweeney

World Is Africa
Daby Toure

Sleep Well My Love
Sir Oliver Mally

Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad
Right Outta Nowhere
Christine Kane

Sleep Faster
Lost Hills
Terence Martin

Deer in the Night
Deer in the Night
Po Girl

The Man Who Blew Kisses
Tulips for Lunch
Chuck Brodsky

Mesdames et Messieurs
La Vent du Nord

Swannanoa Tunnel
A Little Bit of Rain
Sid Selvidge

Glory of Love
Hans Theessink and Terry Evans

Do You Linger
A Pilgrim’s Mirror
Susan Crowe

Jug Whiskey
Wilderness Plots
Carrie Newcomer and Krista Detor

American Tune
This Better Be Good
Paul Simon

Galway Bay
Fly Not Yet
Elizabeth Nicholson and Stringed Migration