Bizarre Crimes Popping Up in Unalaska

Bizarre crimes involving human biting have resulted in an arrest in Unalaska recently. Officers arrested a man who claimed to be a vampire and bit his roommate twice on the arm. The two men were arguing when Andrew Philemonof Jr. allegedly jumped off his bunk and began gnawing on his roommate’s appendage. The roommate pushed the alleged vampire away and the two men remained in the same room until public safety officers arrived on the scene. Philemonof was arrested on one count of Assault 4 – DV. He was intoxicated at the time of the event and now denies being one of the blood-thirsty undead. The last vampire appearance in Unalaska was about a year and a half ago when a late night bicyclist claimed the identity.

Anne Hillman, KUCB – Unalaska

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