King Reaches Kaltag

Jeff King is first into Kaltag. He arrived about 11:42 Saturday morning. As of noon, there were no reports on the number of dogs.

Other mushers of interest (and number of dogs):

  • Hugh Neff: Nearing Kaltag. (13)
  • Lance Mackey: Nearing Kaltag. (12)
  • Mitch Seavey: Out of Nulato. (12)
  • Hans Gatt: Out of Nulato. (12)
  • Sonny Lindner: In to Nulato. (14)
  • Sebastian Schnuelle: In to Nulato. (Not reported at noon Saturday)
  • Ken Anderson: In to Nulato. (12)
  • Dallas Seavey (right): In to Nulato. (12)
  • Sven Haltmann: In to Nulato. (12)
  • Aliy Zirkle: In to Nulato. (12)
  • Gerry Willomitzer: In to Nulato. (13)

Photo by Ellen Lockyer, KSKA – Anchorage