Mackey Regains Lead, Out of Kaltag

Photos by Tim Bodony, APRN

Hugh Neff nearing Galena on Saturday.

Iditarod champion Lance Mackey blew through Kaltag and regained the lead over rival Jeff King late Saturday afternoon.

Mackey arrived in Kaltag at 12:28 this afternoon and left after only seven minutes with 12 dogs.

Hans Gatt, who arrived about two hours after Mackey, left Kaltag – with 12 dogs – after a 14-minute break.

King, who had led the group into Kaltag, arrived about 11:42 this morning and remained in Kaltag until about 3:00 p.m. IonEarth, the GPS tracking system that is allowing Internet viewers to watch the race, showed King (right in Galena) had left Kaltag but the official standings kept by Iditarod officials had not been updated by 3:30 and still showed King in Kaltag.

IonEarth also had shown Mackey slowing or stopping completely after leaving Kaltag.

Earlier in the race, King’s tracking device had completely malfunctioned. Iditarod officials were prompted to address King’s device and to suggest that the GPS positions were approximations.

Other mushers of interest (and the number of dogs):

  • Hugh Neff: In to Kaltag. (13)
  • Mitch Seavey: In to Kaltag. (12)
  • John Baker: Out of Nulato. (12)
  • Sebastian Schnuelle: Out of Nulato. (13)
  • Aliy Zirkle: In to Nulato. (12)
  • Jessie Royer: In to Nulato. (12)
  • Martin Buser: In to Nulato. (14)
  • DeeDee Jonrowe: Out of Galena. (8)
  • Newton Marshall: Out of Cripple. (14)