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Mackey In and Out of Saftey Racing With Lead

March 16, 2010

Lance Mackey continued his drive to win another Iditarod stopping only a few minutes in Safety about 11:37 this morning. He was racing with 12 dogs.

Hans Gatt, who had passed Jeff King on Monday, left White Mountain about 6:40 this morning with  11 dogs. King left about 7:06 with 12 dogs. They are the closest to Mackey but still trailing.

Other mushers of interest (and the number of dogs):

  • Ken Anderson: In to White Mountain. (11)
  • John Baker: In to White Mountain. (10)
  • Hugh Neff: In to White Mountain. (10)
  • Ramey Smyth: In to White Mountain. (12)
  • Sebastian Schnuelle: In to White Mountain. (13)
  • Mitch Seavey: In to White Mountain. (10)
  • Dallas Seavey: In to White Mountain. (10)
  • Ray Redington, Jr. In to White Mountain. (11)
  • Martin Buser. Out of Elim. (14)
  • Zack Steer. In to White Mountain. (14)
  • Aliy Zirkle. Out of Elim. (10)
  • Martin Buser. Out of Elim. (13)
  • Gerry Willomitzer. Out of Elim. (12)
  • Rick Swenson. Out of Koyuk. (12)
  • Paul Gebhardt. Out of Koyuk. (12)
  • DeeDee Jonrowe. Out of Koyuk. (8)
  • Middy Johnson. Out of  Shaktoolik. (12)
  • Newton Marshall. Out of Kaltag. (12)

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