RUNNING: Anchorage School Board

Tonight at 7:00pm we begin our traditional candidates debate program as voters prepare to head to the polls for the next Anchorage Municipal election coming up on Tuesday, April 6th. Michael Carey hosts candidates RUNNING for Anchorage School Board and KSKA’s Len Anderson summarizes the propositions that will appear on the ballot.

Names of candidates running for school board are listed in the order they will appear this evening from about 7:00pm to about 8:30pm (times will vary). Tune in a little ahead of the listed times to ensure you see/hear any particular grouping of candidates.

Seat A

  • James Labelle, 7:00 – 7:12 pm
  • David Nees, 7:12 – 7:24 pm
  • Tommy O’Malley, 7:24 – 7:36 pm
  • Don Smith, 7:36 – 7:48 pm
  • Closing statements, 7:48 – 7:51 pm

Ballot Propositions, 7:51 – 7:56 pm

Seat B

  • Bob Griffin, 7:56 – 8:08 pm
  • Jeannie Mackie, 8:08 – 8:20 pm
  • Closing Statements, 8:20 – 8:23 pm

RUNNING will continue tomorrow evening (Thurs, April 1) with candidates for Anchorage Assembly Seats A, D, F, H and J.  Both nights of RUNNING will be simulcast live on KSKA, FM 91.1 and KAKM Channel 7.

For detailed election and voting information, don’t miss the Elections page on the Municipality of Anchorage website.

Audio will be posted following live broadcast.