C-17 Crew Identified

Annie Feidt, APRN – Anchorage

The Alaska Air National Guard released the names today of the four crew members who died Wednesday in the C-17 crash on Elmendorf Air Force Base. They were Major Aaron Malone, Major Michael Freyholtz and Master Sergeant Thomas Cicardo and Air Force Captain Jeffery Hill.

Malone is from Anchorage and was an instructor pilot for the C-17 and a former pilot with Alaska Airlines. Hayes says Major Michael Freyholtz joined the Air Force in 1998, according to Major Guy Hayes, a public affairs officer with the Alaska National Guard.

Captain Jeffrey Hill earned his officer commission in December 2002. He was assigned to help start the new C-17A squadron in Alaska in 2007.

Master Sergeant Thomas Cicardo served in the military for 28 years. He served in the US Marine Corp, US Army and the Air Force Reserve prior to joining the Alaska Air National Guard in September 1997.

Photos courtesy of The Department of Military & Veterans Affairs: Major Michael Freyholtz (top right), Major Aaron Malone (top left), Captain Jeffery Hill (bottom right) and Master Sergeant Thomas Cicardo (bottom left) were the crew of the C-17 that crashed on Elmendorf Air Force Base on Wednesday.

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