Air Force Releases C-17 Crash Site Photos

The Air Force has released pictures of the crash site of the C-17 that went down near the runway on Elmendorf shortly after takeoff last week.

Despite the crash, Air Force officials decided to continue on with Arctic Thunder in tribute to the fallen airmen. A memorial display was set up during the air show, commemorating the C-17 crew as well as the Coast Guardsmen of Sitka-43, which went down earlier in July.

“Here at this base, in Anchorage, there really is a sense of community and that’s why we wanted to have the air show in the first place,” Colonel Jack McMullen said just before the air show was to begin. “I wanted to have an opportunity for the local public to come out, and if they want to pay respect and see the photos, by all means, these four individuals were part of the community.”

Photos courtesy of the Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson