Murkowski, Miller Debate Each Other for First Time in RUNNING

Lori Townsend, APRN – Anchorage

On Thursday night, the Republican candidates for U.S. Senate matched up for the first time for debates. Incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski and challenger Joe Miller traded barbs over whether or not Senator Murkowski had really voted to repeal national health care legislation. Miller conceded that Murkowski had voted against it, but said she had given statements to the media saying it should not be repealed because it was a work in progress and that her votes to repeal didn’t count because they were procedural.

Murkowski countered that she had voted for repealing all or part of it numerous times.

Joe Miller said the United States is nearing bankruptcy and foreign creditors are about to foreclose on the nation. Murkowski said the nation is at a crossroads and the answer is less government intrusion in our lives.

Miller then asked Murkowski if she’d ever voted for a bill or resolution that was unconstitutional. When Murkowski answered no, Miller asked her to tell Alaskans where Roe v. Wade is in the constitution.

Murkowski answered that the political world is not that black and white and looking for a literal interpretation for what should be funded would mean trouble for a nation of laws.

Joe Miller said the constitutional framers intended to limit central government and wanted a federalist system that gives power to the states.

Photos by Josh Edge, APRN – Anchorage: (Top) Senate candidates Lisa Murkowski, Joe Miller, Scott McAdams and Frank Vondersaar prepare for their primary debates. (Right) Senate hopeful Joe Miller gets situated in his seat prior to his first debate with incumbent Lisa Murkowski. (Left) Lisa Murkowski listens to instructions before appearing on RUNNING live on KAKM, KSKA and APRN.