Miller Chides Murkowski for Using “Outside Help”

Libby Casey, APRN – Washington DC

Joe Miller is chiding Senator Lisa Murkowski’s campaign team for what he calls “outside help,” but he has also brought in an outsider – a staffer for Indiana Republican Congressman Mike Pence is assisting his team.  Pence is also the chairman of the House Republican Conference.

Miller has accused the group that works to get Republicans elected to the Senate of, in his words, “meddling” in the vote counting process. But Lisa Murkowski came out swinging today against his accusations, calling his comments “blatantly false” and astounding.  She said in a press release that Miller is acting like he’s “afraid of Republicans.”

Miller told ABC News that he believes the National Republican Senatorial Committee is trying to, “skew the results” in Murkowski’s direction.  But Murkowski’s campaign says they’re relying on their own team and local volunteers. The chief counsel for the NRSC was sent to Alaska, but the group says he’s no longer involved.  Joe Miller told ABC that he talked over the weekend with Senator John Cornyn, who heads the Republican group.  Miller says Cornyn promised he is pulling out members sent to Alaska.

The NRSC has not retuned APRN’s calls despite repeated requests.

Both Republican Senate candidates have engaged lawyers to watch over ballot-counting efforts at the Division of Elections.  And both are bracing for a possible re-count if the numbers continue to be close.

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