Kids These Days!: September 7

Tuesday, September 7 at 2pm, repeating at 7pm

The Infant Brain and Early Language Acquisition

Dr. Patricia Kuhl is internationally renowned for her research on the infant brain and early language acquisition and she spoke with KTD! host, Shana Sheehy, all about her fascinating work at the University of Washington’s I-LABS (Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences). Dr. Kuhl tells us when babies and young children can best learn a second language, how to teach them, and what her research is revealing about early identification of learning disorders such as autism.

Also on this program we’ll hear about fun and unique ways that kids are learning indigenous Alaskan languages in the Lower Kuskokwim School District, and in the Anchorage School District.

We’ll also learn about the Programs for Infants and Children (PIC) services offered throughout the state, and how PIC is supporting familes with learning-delayed chidren right in their homes.

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