Glenn Beck 9-11 Event Draws Large Crowd

Steve Heimel, APRN – Anchorage

Cable television personality Glenn Beck’s appearance in Anchorage was a big success.  While not a sell-out, the speaking engagement drew a large crowd, which had to wait in line an hour or more to be admitted to the convention center.

As the line of Beck fans, paying upwards of $75 a head,  wound its way toward the door, it was greeted by a number of sign waving.

Protesters accused Beck and former Governor Sarah Palin, who introduced him Saturday night, of exploiting the ninth anniversary of the terrorist attack of 9-11.  Beck has insisted his speaking engagement with Palin had nothing to do with that.

Not only was there a protest at the convention center, there was another one earlier in the day at the Veteran’s Memorial.  Some of the 100 or so lining the road said they had come some distance to stand up and make their point.

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