Walker Won’t Pursue Write-in Candidacy

Dave Donaldson, APRN – Juneau

Republican Bill Walker says he’s not continuing a run for the governor’s office.   He came in second in the Republican primary last month with about a third of the party-members’ votes. A Craciun Research poll conducted the day after the election showed that in a three-person race,  he was only one percentage point behind Governor Sean Parnell – and five points ahead of Democrat Ethan Berkowitz. But Walker never reached agreement with any other party to run as their candidate – and he decided not to actively pursue a write in candidacy.

Since the election, Walker has met with both Parnell and Berkowitz – but for now he won’t endorse any of the other candidates on the General Election Ballot.

Walker’s main issue was his support for an All-Alaska gas line from the North Slope.

Now both major-party candidates are looking for Walkers voters.   Democrat Ethan Berkowitz says one of his goals is to deliver the All-Alaska gas project from the North Slope to tidewater – with Walker’s having a hand in negotiating Alaska’s gas future.

Republican Parnell’s running mate Mead Treadwell has worked with Walker on the All-Alaska pipeline dating back to the early 80s.  He says since his election in the Lt. Governor’s primary race, he has already met with oil company executives – and he says the time is right to bring potential customers from export markets to help work them into the process.

Treadwell says he and Governor Parnell have looked at other issues that Walker raised and are considering taking action on them.

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