McAdams Doesn’t Plan on Changing Campaign

Ed Ronco, KCAW – Sitka

Democratic Senate Nominee Scott McAdams watched Friday’s live coverage of Murkowski’s announcement with a group of his supporters in Sitka. Immediately after she made the campaign official, McAdams said Murkowski’s re-entry into the race will not change his campaign.

“I think it splits Alaska in thirds,” McAdams said. “We’ll see who gets the biggest third of the electorate. I think this will be tight. I don’t think that Joe Miller’s support is going to peel. I think Lisa Murkowski supporters will work to write in Lisa Murkowski. But I think our base is motivated, they’re out, they’re ready to go. We made 3,000 phone calls this weekend. People are energized. They recognize that this is our time, our opportunity and I believe we will win.”

Polls showed McAdams within single digits in a head-to-head race against Republican nominee Joe Miller, and falling to third in a three-way race with Miller and Murkowski.

McAdams was in Anchorage today to release details of his five-point proposal for education reform. A former teacher and school board president, McAdams says he would work to revise the No Child Left Behind Act and restore local control to schools.

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