Kids These Days!: September 21

Tuesday, September 21 at 2pm, repeating at 7pm


In-Studio Guests: Pam Cantone, a PCI-certified Parenting Coach and Larry Holman, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, joined host Shana Sheehy to speak about the major life transition that occurs when children leave home for the first time: The Empty Nest. They address the mixed-bag of emotions that goes along with this time, including sadness and relief, and how to cope with a newly empty nest. They’ll also answer questions and respond to comments from listeners who are experiencing this change right now within their own families.

Featured Stories: Writer, columnist and speaker Barbara Brown shares a heartfelt commentary about her recent experience of having her daughter leave home for college. Dr. Claudia Lampman, Professor of Psychology at UAA, speaks about the growing trend of 20-somethings taking longer in life to achieve typical adult milestones; and the changing demographics at the University of Alaska, Anchorage.

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