Young Not Endorsing Any U.S. Senate Candidates

Libby Casey, APRN – Washington DC

Congressman Don Young is not endorsing a candidate in the U.S. Senate race.  He says he has called both Republicans, Lisa Murkowski and Joe Miller, to explain why he’s staying out of it.

Young says he’s disappointed that more Alaskans don’t turn out for primary contests, so he’d like to move Alaska’s primary from August to either springtime or early October, when he says more people would be engaged in politics.  Young says while Lisa Murkowski has a long-shot as a write in candidate, it’s not time to count her out.

Thursday, U.S. House Republicans unveiled their new goals, what they’ve named the “Pledge to America.”  It calls for reducing government spending and repealing the Health Care Act signed into law this year.  It’s a lot like the “Contract for America” that Republicans launched in 1994.  Representative Young says he generally agrees with it.

Other House Republicans are also supporting their conference’s new plan, but conservative critics say it doesn’t go far enough, and is too much like the effort Republicans made in the 1990s.

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