Denali Pipeline Closes Open Season

Dave Donaldson, APRN – Juneau

Monday, the Denali Pipeline closed its Open Season offering.  For the past 90 days, the company has offered space to shippers on its project that would deliver natural gas from the North Slope to North American markets.

Denali President Bud Fackrell says the company has received a significant number of bids – however they came with conditions that still need to be negotiated in private with companies wanting to use the line.

Fackrell says some of the conditions are out of Denali’s control, but declined to confirm whether they would need intervention by the state.  He said there were no surprises among the bids – the company had talked to potential shippers over the Open Season period and knew what to expect at closing time.

Fackrell says the project is based on market conditions and a final decision on whether to continue will come after the company and bidders determine future market conditions.

Denali’s competitor, TransCanada Pipeline, working with its partner Exxon closed its Open Season offering at the end of July.  Denali is a joint venture between BP and ConocoPhillips.

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