Kids These Days!: October 12

Tuesday, October 12 at 2pm, repeating at 7pm


In-Studio Guests: KTD! takes a look at what is behind the question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Guests Dr. Kerry Feldman (at right), an anthropologist, and Dr. E.J.R. David (at left), a psychologist, discuss the cultural mores and the psychological implications of why we pose this question to our children. We’ll also learn how expectations of future goals vary within different cultures.

Throughout the program we’ll hear from people of all ages about what they want to be when they grow up – from kindergartners through college students.

Featured Stories: Contributor Jessica Cochran speaks with Linda Morgan, director of UAA’s Advising and Testing Center and Roger Hamacher, director of Youth Employment Services for NineStar who help young people – and older adults – start a new career in these modern times.

Producer Sarah Gonzales speaks with Karen Zeman, executive director of Spirit of Youth (SOY), and Aviva Hirsch, a teen who won a SOY award, about their new campaign to associate October 18, Alaska Day, with nominating an Alaskan youth to be recognized for community service.

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