RUNNING: Tuesday, October 19

The second half of RUNNING for the general election on November 2, 2010  starts tonight at 7:00 pm. Last night, Michael Carey hosted candidates running for state house and state senate in Palmer, Wasilla, Chugiak, Eagle River / Bases and Anchorage. If you missed it, audio has been posted by race under RUNNING.

Tonight (Tuesday Oct. 19) meet the candidates for Lieutenant Governor, State House and State Senate in Anchorage and Kenai.

If you’ve got a TV handy, tune in to KAKM Channel 7 for the live televised event or stick with KSKA FM 91.1 for the live audio feed.

All times are approximate. Tune in a little ahead of the listed times to ensure you see/hear any particular grouping of candidates.

7:00 PM – Lt. Governor

  • Diane Benson (D)
  • Jeffery Brown (L)
  • Mead Treadwell (R)

7:24 PM – State House 25 Anchorage

  • Mike Doogan (D)
  • Harley Brown (L)
  • Thomas Higgins (R)

7:44 PM – State House 26 Anchorage

  • Lindsey Holmes (D)
  • Phil Isley (non)

8:01 PM State House 27 Anchorage

  • Bob Buch (D)
  • Mia Costello (R)

8:15 PM – State House 28 Anchorage

  • Jodie Dominguez (D) n/a
  • Craig Johnson (R)

8:21 PM – State Senate N Anchorage

  • Ed Cullinane (D)
  • Lesil McGuire (R)
  • Clinton DesJarlais (non)

8:45 PM – State House 29 Anchorage

  • Chris Tuck (D)
  • Kris Warren (R)

9:00 PM – State House 30 Anchorage

  • Lynda Zaugg (D)
  • Charisse Millett (R) n/a

9:08 PM – State House 31 Anchorage

  • Lupe Marroquin (D)
  • Bob Lynn (R)

9:22 PM – State House 32 Anchorage

  • Matt Moore (D)
  • Mike Hawker (R) n/a

9:31 PM – State Senate P Anchorage

  • Janet Reiser (D)
  • Cathy Giessel (R)
  • Philip L. “Phil” Dziubinski (non)

9:52 PM – State House 33 Kenai

  • Dick Waisanen (D)
  • Kurt Olson (R) n/a

Audio will be posted following live broadcast.

Debate for the State on October 27 and 28 will feature the candidates running for Alaska Governor, Senator and House. Hosted by APRN‘s Libby Casey, Debate for the State will be broadcast on public television and Alaska Public Radio Network member stations statewide. Learn more and submit your questions for the candidates at