Two Bethel Men Charged With Murder

Shane Iverson, KYUK – Bethel

Two men in Bethel have been charged with murder, in what police are describing as a prolonged and torturous killing.  Now a law clerk from the Bethel Courthouse has also been arrested. And the Bethel Police say the investigation is not over yet.  Police say a Hooper Bay man was tortured – beaten across his entire body – and killed in Bethel, in Southwest Alaska.

The Tundra Drums reports tips led police to discover the Wednesday night slaying of 19-year-old Benjamin J. Kaiser.

Police Chief Larry Elarton says the two men were arrested Thursday in Bethel on murder charges, 32-year-old Harry Ned Williams and 46-year-old Jeffrey Allan Hout.

At least part of the beating took place in a shed behind Hout’s house, where blood was found.

Elarton says the beating seems to have centered around a property dispute.

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