Election Night 2010: Counting Write-In Votes Timeline

The biggest question on most voters minds in Alaska is how will the write-in votes be counted on election night? When will we really know the outcome of the Senatorial race with Scott McAdams (D), Joe Miller (R) and write-in, Lisa Murkowski?

On election night, the Division of Elections will provide a total number of write-in votes statewide, but the names on these ballots will remain unknown until each ballot is counted individually. Notably over 150 Alaskans registered as write-in candidates in Alaska’s U.S. Senate race.

If counting of individual write-in votes is required, it would begin on November 18th, following the count of absentee and question ballots.

Gail Fenumei from the Division of Elections anticipates the write-in counting process will take three days, similar to statewide recount. Those results still considered unofficial until the State Review Board evaluation.

Likely Alaskans will have to wait until at least November 21st before we can put name on the write-in.

The Division of elections long term target date for official results November 29.