Murkowski Votes Catching Capitol Hill’s Attention

Photo and Story by Libby Casey, APRN – Washington DC

Senator Lisa Murkowski may have passed a big hurdle Wednesday with the Alaska Supreme Court ruling, but one thing is not changing:  she’s still wearing one of the bracelets her campaign designed in the fall to remind voters how to spell her name.  The blue rubber “Murkowski” bracelets were passed out at campaign events in the run up to the general election, and Murkowski hasn’t taken hers off since before Election Day.

She says she’ll wear it a little while longer.

The Christmas tree in Murkowski’s DC office is also decorated with the blue rubber bracelets.

Murkowski has caught the attention of Capitol Hill in the past week by being a key swing Republican vote on a variety of issues, including her support of repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, the law that banned gays from serving openly in the military and was ended Wednesday.

Her biggest critic in the Senate is South Carolinian conservative Republican Jim DeMint, who not only backed her Republican opponent Joe Miller, but has funded Miller’s legal challenges through his political action fund.

DeMint said today outside the Senate chambers that he expects to work with Murkowski in the new Congress.

DeMint has come under fire from other Republicans for siding with Tea Party candidates could not muster the votes to beat Democrats in states like Nevada and Connecticut.

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