Governor Elaborates on State of the State Address

Dave Donaldson, APRN – Juneau

Governor Parnell met with reporters on Thursday morning to fill in some details on last night’s State of the State address.

He said that the tax cuts he proposed for the oil industry is a major priority for him.  He recognizes that many legislators are not convinced they’ll ever see the jobs the cuts are intended to generate.

The governor did not point to any economic analysis showing positive results from the Billion dollars in annual tax cuts that he wants to make. But he did acknowledge a Revenue Department report issued earlier this week that concluded taxes are only one of several factors in whether an industry makes new investment in the state.

The report refers to volatile changes in oil prices and the world-wide economic turmoil, concluding that, “the economic activity of the past three years may not have been the best benchmark by which to judge the impact of a tax system.”

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