Congress Moving to Improve Health Care Law

Libby Casey, APRN – Washington DC

Mark Begich says the U.S. Senate now has the votes to repeal an unpopular provision in the National Health Care law that small businesses complained about.

The health care act passed last year required businesses to file IRS 10-99 forms for every vendor they paid more than $600.

The effort to strip that out of the law hit 60 co-sponsors this week.

President Obama called for getting rid of the 10-99 provision during his State of the Union speech. He defended the overall health care law but said he’s open to improvements.

Begich says the President’s support is helping gain momentum in Congress.  He says things are finally working out – but it’s after months of trying to convince Democratic leadership and the White House.

Begich says he’s still supportive of the over-all health care law, and says this is not a sign that it’s flawed.  He says implementing a bill is the hardest part of lawmaking.

The provision is scheduled to kick in next year, unless Congress acts. Among the 60 Senators who have signed on are 14 other Democrats, and 45 Republicans including Senator Lisa Murkowski. Begich says the senate could vote on it as soon as next week.

Congressman Don Young is a co-sponsor of the House version of the 10-99 fix.

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