Jury Reviews Arrant’s Letters to Waterman

Ellen Lockyer, KSKA – Anchorage

Cross examination of witnesses continued Wednesday in the state’s trial against Rachelle Waterman.   Alaska State Trooper Sergeant Randel McPherron was questioned by Waterman’s defense attorney Steven Wells.  Wells read highlighted portions of letters from convicted murderer Jason Arrant to Rachelle Waterman in the weeks before the abduction and murder of her mother, Lauri Waterman.

The letters, which have been submitted as evidence, indicate Jason Arrant’s passionate feelings for Rachelle Waterman.

Defense attorney Wells is trying to portray Arrant as an emotionally imbalanced older man who manipulated a much younger girl into a murder plot.  Rachelle Waterman was 16 when her mother was murdered, Arrant was 24.  Arrant has been convicted of the murder of Lauri Waterman, a crime which he planned along with Brian Radel, who is also serving time for the murder. But it is not clear if Rachelle Waterman returned Arrant’s ardor.  Wells questioned McPherron about sex as a motive for murder.

Prosecutors say Rachelle Waterman had knowledge of the murder plot, and did nothing to alert authorities to stop it.  Attorneys for both sides in the case are expected to finish their arguments by Friday afternoon.

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