Yukon Quest Wraps Up 2011 Race

Emily Swchwing, KUAC – Fairbanks

The Yukon Quest wrapped up over the weekend as the final musher – Hank DeBruin – came in and the race awards banquet was held.

The final 2011 Race Results

Position/ Musher/ Total Elapsed Time

1 Dallas Seavey 10d 11h 53m

2 Sebastian Schnuelle 10d 12h 26m

3 Ken Anderson 10d 14h 24m

4 Brent Sass 10d 19h 2m

5 Kelley Griffin 11d 3h 2m

6 Allen Moore 11d 7h 32m

7 Jodi Bailey 12d 6h 51m

8 Mike Ellis 12d 9h 59m

9 David Dalton 12d 10h 7m

10 Tamara Rose 13d 0h 58m

11 Kyla Durham 13d 1h 53m

12 Jerry Joinson 13d 3h 22m

13 Hank DeBruin 13d 10h 54m

Scratched Mushers:

Didier Moggia

Joshua Cadzow

Wade Marrs

Allen Dennis

Denis Trembley

Dan Kaduce

Hans Gatt

Michelle Phillips

Clint Warnke

Withdrawn Mushers:

Johannes Rygh

Hugh Neff

Christine Roalofs

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