Race Leaders on the Yukon

Hans Gatt

Tim Bodony, APRN – Anvik

The leaders of the 2011 Iditarod are on the Yukon.

Sebastian Schnuelle is currently leading mushers in the Iditarod, checking into Grayling at 10:48 this morning with Hans Gatt hot on his tail, checking in only 19 minutes later. Neither has taken their 8-hour break yet.

After resting for 8-hours, Hugh Neff, John Baker, Lance Mackey, Ray Redington Junior, and Martin Buser have left Anvik and are enroute to Grayling.  Robert Bundtzen has also made it through Anvik and is on his way to Grayling, but has not yet taken his 8-hour stop.

Sonny Lindner and Dallas Seavey have also departed Anvik after taking their 8-hour layover.

Hugh Neff has yet to win a sled dog race, though he has been a strong contender many times.  So today’s events have a special meaning for him.

Photo by Josh Edge, APRN – Anchorage: Musher Hans Gatt smiles at fans as he leaves Willow.

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