Regulation Makes Tasers Illegal When Hunting

Dan Bross, KUAC – Fairbanks

The State has made it illegal to use tasers on wildlife, in most circumstances, including hunting. The proposal approved by the game board late last month was put forward by Larry Lewis, a Department of Fish and Game biologist in Soldotna.  Lewis says the regulation is straight forward.

Lewis says he forwarded the proposal to stop the potential miss-use of tasers, because the devices have become more common place.   He says tasers do have role in wildlife management.  Lewis and a State Trooper successfully used one to control an angry mother moose while they freed her calves from a foundation hole.  Lewis says tasers pose less risk to animals than sedation, but he still doesn’t recommend people carry them as a defense against large animals.

Lewis says most tasers require you to be within 35 feet of the target, and you have to get the probes to stick into the animal to shock it.  Department of Fish and Game staff and others trained and permitted by the state, will be able to use tasers for wildlife management.

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