New Documentary Investigates 9-11 Events Involving Whitehorse

Lori Townsend, APRN – Anchorage

A new documentary investigates a bizarre chapter in the horrifying events of 9-11 that involved the remote Yukon community of Whitehorse. That morning, a Korean passenger 747 sent out a text message that made it seem as if it was being hijacked. The plane was supposed to land in Anchorage, but air Traffic Control diverted it to Whitehorse- sending panic through the community, as parents raced to the school to collect their children.

Whitehorse filmmaker Max Fraser spent five years working on the documentary. He says the incident left a very deep impression on him and he wanted to figure out why it happened.

Max Fraser’s documentary is called “Never Happen Here – The Whitehorse 9/11 Story.” It doesn’t yet have an air date in the United States.

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