Speaker Requests on Title 21 Denied By Assembly Chair

The Title 21Rewrite Project covering land development and building requirements is not on this evening’s Anchorage Assembly agenda.  Despite that, Title 21 will still draw a determined group of interested – if silent – citizens.

The project to rewrite the portion of municipal code dealing with commercial, industrial, residential and multi use development began in 2002.   Since then there have been five drafts, scores of public meetings and hearings along with years of weekly assembly Title 21 committee meetings. The goal is to make the code more consistent with the sweeping vision expressed in the city’s comprehensive plan, Anchorage 2020.

By last summer, 13 of 14 sections or chapters had been provisionally adopted by the Anchorage Assembly.  Chugiak-Eagle River and Girdwood are separate chapters. Also last summer, Mayor Dan Sullivan contracted with former Assembly Member Dan Coffey to work on possible amendments to the provisional version.  Coffey is a commercial property owner who’s also served on the Anchorage’s Planning and Zoning Commission.   Coffey generally reflects views closer to developers and commercial property owners.  His contract ends July 1st.

Dissatisfaction over the Coffey contract has grown among some groups who have backed what they see as the code’s “quality of life” issues.  Several filed requests to formally address the Anchorage Assembly at Tuesday night’s meeting. Cindee Karnes of Eagle River was one.  Karnes says her request, like others, was denied by Assembly Chair, Debbie Ossiander.


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