Randall Keeps Mount Marathon Victory a Family Tradition

When Kikkan Randall won Mount Marathon for the first time on Monday, her mom Deborah was there to celebrate. Deborah is a past Mount Marathon Champion herself. And she was probably the only person collecting condolences over Kikkan’s win. That’s because she’s held her own mount marathon victory over Kikkan’s head through the years.

Deborah says she didn’t have high expectations for her daughter before yesterday’s race, because Kikkan has been so focused on ski racing this year. But she was absolutely thrilled when she won.

Winning the race runs in the family. Deborah’s sister Betsy Haines won three Mount Marathon’s in a row in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Deborah’s own win came before Kikkan was born.

And as for whether she was a little bit sad to see Kikkan take away the one sports endeavor she could brag about besting her daughter in? Not a chance.

Deborah says she is very happy being a spectator these days.

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